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    • Prevención de riesgos laborales en plantas de prefabricados de concreto con acero de refuerzo 

      Jiménez Arguellez, Victor; Rocha Chiu, Luis; Espinosa Garza, Gerardo (2019)
      In Mexico City, is being carried out the construction of a tunnel of 62 km, for this purpose, self-propelled machines are used for excavation and these machines have the ability to go by placing the elements of prefabricated ...
    • Propuesta de un tren de alta velocidad en México 

      Rocha Chiu, Luis; Jiménez Arguelles, Victor (2019)
      The high-speed train is a type of transport which has the feature of moving large numbers of passengers in a safe, comfortable and efficient in relatively short travel times to a specific distance range, reducing pollution ...