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    • Contribuciones de la Ingeniería y Dirección de Proyectos a los objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible 

      Zamora Polo, Francisco; Aguayo González, Francisco; Lama Ruiz, Juan Ramón; Luque Sendra, Amalia (2019)
      Following the relative success of the Millennium Development Goals, the United Nations has proposed an agenda for 2015-2030, known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The SDG consist of 17 objectives with 169 goals ...
    • Mantenimiento predictivo mediante técnicas de machine learning 

      Guerrero Cano, Manuel; Luque Sendra, Amalia; Lama Ruiz, Juan Ramón; Córdoba Roldán, Antonio (2019)
      Industrial maintenance is a field of engineering with a high impact on costs and manufacturing times for industrial products. This work is part of the work areas of diagnosis and maintenance of industrial processes and ...
    • Neuroseguridad aplicada a la Prevención de Riesgos Laborales 

      Montoro Osuna, Estela Mª; Aguayo González, Francisco; Ávila Gutiérrez, Mª Jesús; Lama Ruiz, Juan Ramón (2019)
      Neurosafety is the use of the Neuroscience, and all its branches, for an Occupational, Health & Safety purpose (OHS). Many methods, that come from cognitive neuroscience, allow to understand how brain works while subjecting ...